3 Ways Blockchain is Transforming Web Design

Considering the recent data breaches and growing rate of cybercrime, the need for highly encrypted and decentralized web-based applications becomes inevitable. Fortunately, the blockchain technology has advanced to a level where it can be adapted to provide online users with the transparency and security they need to use the internet securely.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital and decentralized public record where transactions are recorded in the form of chained blocks and verified by thousands of users around the world. This technology is secured by cryptography. Originally, this system was used for the global transactions occurring through cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular. Due to its exceptional features like high-end security, developers started looking into its other potential uses. Today, blockchain is being used in almost all the major industries across the globe and as time is passing, its new uses are being discovered.

Blockchain & Web Design

As it is very clear from the title of this article, the blockchain technology is transforming web design in these 3 massive ways:

Secure Cloud Storage

When it comes to contemporary web design, cloud storage is nothing but its integral component. It is very crucial for the developers because a decentralized and end to end encrypted cloud storage eliminates many of the remaining challenges that the technological world is facing today in the likes of downtime and privacy. Through the cloud storage of blockchain, digital files can be encrypted, shredded, and distributed among several computers. The process includes recalling and grouping back together all the files just with a single click. As a result of this exercise, developers no longer have to worry about the invasion of privacy and downtime.

Higher Level of Transparency

The contents of web design are recorded in the blockchain exist in a perpetual state of consensus. Since the technology revalidates its content every 10 minutes, it is not possible for scammers to take out a single chunk of information and use it for negative purposes. The scammers will have to successfully override the whole network if they want to corrupt a single piece of data in a block. So, the information is now public but it is embedded within every node in the network.

Locked Transactions

Blockchain may be open-source, but each data block can be encrypted and accessed with a private key. This is the beauty of blockchain technology that is quite beneficial for instant messaging apps where personal messages have to be protected and revealed only to the initiator and receiver. WhatsApp is already using end to end encryption technology to protect the rights of the users. However, it is still not as secure as the blockchain technology. Blockchain takes the security to a whole new level by protecting each data block and the complete set as well.

Final Words

Today, the population heavily relies on the internet to get their chores done. Internet is also the bread and butter of a lot of people and they are earning a reasonable amount through it. The need for secure applications is very much on the cards and blockchain is the only possible solution that the developers must use to ensure safe web design. Not only large enterprises but small and medium sized businesses should also look to utilize blockchain technology to get ahead in the game and offer the best satisfaction to their customers.

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