5 Common Risks of Cloud Computing – Is it still a Useful Option?

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies and small-medium businesses (SMBs) use IT. This groundbreaking technology has allowed businesses to leverage high-end technology at the least possible cost. Today, SMBs can easily access new technology and more useful resources without paying hefty amounts of money that it would have cost them in the past.

Cost saving indeed is a benefit for businesses to maintain a smooth flow of operations.

Before cloud computing was introduced, companies had to maintain a separate budget for the acquisition of hardware and software to stay up to date with the latest technology. With cloud computing, companies can simply tap into shared resources without even booking their office space.

Having said that, cloud computing is arguably the right choice for a lot of SMBs that don’t have any issues with using another party’s facilities in favor of their business. They just have to pay a very minimal amount of money as the subscription to the service provider and use a pool of service including training, IT assistance, and unlimited updates. Doing so will also eradicate the need to maintain proper rooms for IT staff and equipment.

However, it is also a fact that cloud computing cannot be for every other SMB. There are some business owners who may have some privacy concerns and they are quite justified in their approach. For such owners, the option to subscribe to hybrid systems is still very much on where they can maintain full control over their data. Cloud computing is essential for all companies who have employees in satellite offices or remote working employees. The cloud makes it easier for them to store and access data on the go.

Risks of Cloud Computing

From the above discussion, it seems like cloud computing is all benefit for small-medium businesses. However, as mentioned earlier, it is also not suitable for all companies. The reason is pretty simple: the unavoidable risks of cloud computing. Before switching to cloud computing, having knowledge of the risks can help you ascertain if it is a feasible choice or not.

Continue reading to know about the 5 common risks of cloud computing businesses may face. In the end, we will conclude if it is a good choice for your business or not.

Trust Factor

Due to a large number of service providers, the quality always suffers causing trust issues. The services may be interrupted due to unforeseen and unidentifiable reasons. No service provider will guarantee you 24/7 services, there are high chances of data unavailability. Moreover, communications may be slow in disaster situations. The systems may also shut down for a significant period of time in such circumstances. Before choosing a cloud computing service provider, it is highly recommended to do your research and choose the best among the rest. Having a proper study of what guarantees they assure can also come in handy.

Return on Investment

Although migrating to the cloud has its own benefits but companies need to consider at what cost are they saving the costs of owning the equipment and software. There are different parameters that need to be considered including speed, usage, scalability, flexibility, security, quality of service, and support.

Loss of Control

What we can say the biggest risk of migrating to the cloud is the lack or loss of control over quality. Before finalizing a cloud service provider, it cannot be identified if they will offer the best services with proper measures on quality. Quality is something companies keep very dear to them to survive for the long term in the market. In order to cope with this risk, hybrid cloud computing can be used where only some resources are shared without relinquishing data control.


Most organizations are only concerned with the confidentiality factor. The sensitivity of this risk may vary based on the nature of the company and how subtle their data is. No business would want to share their vital information with any third party. If the service provider assures data confidentiality, this risk could be mitigated to a fair extent. However, it will still remain a point of concern for the business owners.

Security Breaches

Besides the confidentiality factor, the entire system should be evaluated to know where the data would be stored and what measures are in place to assure security. The number of security breaches has increased greatly in the recent past and a proper assessment of security measures can help you know if a service provider is a good choice or not.


The above-listed risks are not unavoidable and if you choose a service provider keeping your eyes shut, you are putting your business at stake just for saving a small amount of money. Having said that, it is still a fact that cloud services can help your business grow and give a competitive advantage that goes a long way in cementing your place as the industry leaders. All you have to do is do your research right to finding the best possible cloud service provider.

At Itspresso, we offer the best cloud computing services that address all these risks completely providing you the peace of mind and cost-effectiveness you are always looking for. You can contact us to know more or get a free quote depending on the nature of your business and your requirements.

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