5 Do’s and Don’ts of Outsourcing Web Development

In this modern world, we are seeing web development play an increasingly crucial role in a company’s sustainability. As per studies, the website or software you deploy, especially if it is custom, will be a part of your competitive edge.

Website development has changed drastically over the last decade and there are still a lot of companies that are developing applications based on historical standards. They have not adopted the modern ways of web development, which is why they are not able to achieve the results they want. Thankfully, some businesses outsource web development to web development companies. By outsourcing web development, it does not mean that the complete control should be passed on the development company.

As the name of this article suggests, here we will discuss the 5 important do’s and don’ts of outsourcing web development to help you overcome the most common mistakes you might make.

5 Don’ts of Outsourcing Web Development

Before we discuss what you should do, it is important to identify what you should not do!

Don’t Forget to Pay Attention

Regardless of the fact that you have chosen the industry experts for the job, it is vital to pay attention to the outsourced project. The web development company may be handling your project but they are not a part of your company. Hence, it is very much possible for them to miss out on some important information that should be a part of the website/application.

Don’t Overburden with Information

Depending on the complexity of your website/application, if it is not that demanding, we would suggest you don’t overburden the web development company with tons of information. There are some ambitious businessmen who, while briefing the outsourcing company of the project, provide excessive information, increasing the chances of the web development company to focus on data that is not very important.

Don’t Consider Outsourcing as Short Term

Here’s a quick reminder, outsourcing web development may seem a short term outing but it may not be as simple as you think. The web development company are not working inside your company and no matter how much you brief them, there will be a communication gap that you need to fill. There can be several revisions, modifications, re-workings, changes in functionality, and other issues that you need to be prepared for.

Don’t Forget to Check the Application

There are some businesses that, due to a tough schedule or other factors, forget to check the project when it is delivered. The web development companies provide sometime in which they are ready to accept the modifications. After that time, they will not cater to that project and in order for them to accept it as the same task, they will charge money. When the project is received, make sure you test it and provide feedback straightaway.

Don’t Complicate Things

You should be very clear about what you need in your project. For that reason, a very clear understanding of the business objectives is required. Try to keep things simple for yourself and the web development company as well. It will help make the outsourced project come out better.

Do’s of Outsourcing Web Development

Here are the 5 do’s of outsourcing web development:

Understand Your Requirements

When you have decided to outsource web development to a professional web development company, it is the best time to make a list of your requirements. These are not only the requirements that you need to forward to the development company but your targets as well. You should be very careful about the audience of the website/application, functions to add, design element, and others.

Do Your Research

The research element is always on the business outsourcing their web development. You should know what the latest trends your competitors are following in the online world. Other than that, you should also know about the needs of your customers like what features would they like in the website or application, what should be the design of your product and others, etc.

Find the Best Web Development Company

While outsourcing the web development project to a company, always go for the best. After all what would be the point of outsourcing when the company is not even competitive? An experienced web development company like ITspresso has a skilled team of developers who know about the latest features and trends and know how to utilize them for your business.

Collaborate with Development Team

By outsourcing your project, it does not mean that you are done and the rest depends on the web development company. Yes, they are doing the work on your behalf but they need your involvement by all means. You should help them out in the process to ensure that the product is exactly the way you wanted. Collaboration with the web development company will also give you an opportunity to identify the areas where you can bring improvements in the later stages.

Discuss the Pricing

Most businesses don’t discuss the pricing while outsourcing the project and when it is almost done, they are seen arguing with the development company to lower the cost, which is not possible. Always try to finalize the pricing in the initial stages to avoid any issues later on.

By following these dos and don’ts, you are in a great opportunity to make sure your project comes out clean and be a pure depiction of your expectations. Just a check reminder, you can always contact us for any web development project and our gurus will take care of it.

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