Data Analytics Trends and Predictions for 2020

Organizations, businesses, and companies are greatly being affected by analysis and data. Data analysis, business analytics and data science have to be the hottest trend that has emerged as something big in the past couple of years where analysts have adapted their ways to fit with the conventional forms of analysis and interpretation. 

The power of data analysis is being appreciated more strongly by a vast majority of business especially when making subjective decisions like branding, investment, and recruitment. Since the shifts have been massive, why not learn about the trends and predictions for 2020? Let’s start right away. 


Automation is literally everywhere and it is highly preferred in most industries because of the way it improves business and productivity. In 2020, it is expected that more than 40% of data-based tasks would be automated. Not only would this open new horizons of opportunities but increase productivity as well. 

Automation also assists decision-makers to efficiently forecast what lies ahead in the form of challenges so that they can plan ahead of time and find better solutions. Thus, the correct analytics drive decisions in the good faith of the company. 

In-Memory Computing (IMC) 

In-memory computing (IMC) is another trend that will grow influential in 2020. In recent years, the cost of this technology has decreased which has allowed it to become more mainstream. More and more businesses are adopting this technology for a variety of purposes. The new persistent-memory technologies have reduced the costs and complexity of IMC and given birth to a new memory tier that lies between dynamic random access memory and NAND flash memory. 

This technology supports mass-memory and effectively manages high-performance workloads. For business organizations, this enhances CPU performance and makes it lightning fast. Moreover, the storage is also increased and application performance is boosted along with future scalability. 

Data Security 

Not long ago, only 10% of large corporations were using backups and snapshots for recovery purposes. However, considering the worsening situation of data security and a growing rate of cyberattacks, the number of these corporations is expected to increase by 30% in 2020. Even today, there are a lot of organizations that hold up large volumes of backed up data containing sensitive information and personal data with no intention of using it in the future. These organizations will start to store only that data which has some value and may offer some benefits of storing. 

By 2020, privacy risk would be mitigated by using products that offer actionable statistics and privacy of an extreme level. This is going to be one of the most sought after areas where organizations and corporations would be allocating their finances. 

Personal Assistance Technologies 

Personal technologies are slowly but surely becoming the next big thing in the modern era. In 2020, it is also expected that more than 50% of businesses dealing in smart technology and digital realm would be using their own personal assistance technologies. These include virtual assistants, robots, and artificial intelligence technologies. 

The market is quite lucrative to allow for this sort of transformation because customers have started becoming more knowledgeable and smart in their approach. What’s more intriguing is the fact that more business owners and entrepreneurs would be looking for ways to develop products that could best serve the market and personal assistance technologies would assist in the best possible way in that regard. 

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