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Reading is slowly becoming an activity of the bygone era. Visual information is slowly but surely transforming as the mainstream medium of conveying a message. Digital designs are powerful tools to share knowledge and information on complex topics to the general audience.

We believe our digital design services will inspire you and your visitors to become more passionate about your brand. Our aim is to interactive your experience by creating designs that leave you spellbound with their brilliance. 

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Wow Your Audience with
Digital Design

Time to go beyond than just creating experiences for your customers. Itspresso’s custom digital design services help you strengthen long term relationships with your users by delivering lasting enhancements for websites, mobile apps, and other platforms.

Digital Design Services 

A user-focused design is a tailor-made solution that involves the client’s
perspective in the entire process.
Immersive Design
Immersive design helps the users understand the company’s ideology. Immersive
experiences created through digital designs pave new ways of interacting
with products and interfaces.
Unique Interactions
Through our interactive experiences, users can truly engage with products
through different actions and tasks that create a lasting impression.

How We Work

Designing mobile and web apps that speak!
  • Talk to Us
    Every project starts with discussions. Talk to our experts who will understand your goals, needs, and dynamics. 
  • Mock Design
    After the initial conversations, our digital designers create a dummy design for your approval to make sure that we are heading in the right direction. 
  • Feedback 
    Feedback from the client is important to make the changes in the initial stages of the digital design and add new elements to enhance the feel. 
  • Final Design 
    Once the changes are made, final digital design is prepared by the digital designers. These are the exact depiction of what you have imagined initially. 
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A Guide to Digital Design

Digital Design is Vast

The case with digital design services is that they are often confused with graphics designing. In the world of digital design, the terms, technology, and tools keep on changing rapidly making it tough for the general audience to keep up with them. At Itspresso, our digital designers keep up with the new trends to stay ahead in employing the best skills to offer services that keep your satisfaction level at the highest.

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Do I need a Digital Designer?

The answer to this question lies in your own hands. You go through a lot of different apps on a daily basis on your digital devices. The visual experience these apps provide don’t come into being on their own but they are designed from scratch. There’s a lot of research and ideology behind the design that captivates your attention in the first go. User interface directly relates to user experience and this is the reason why digital designers are hired – to create an environment that leaves the users spellbound and the brand image is established.

Digital Design

A Combination of Various Design Disciplines

Digital design, as mentioned earlier, is a vast term that includes various design disciplines. A digital designer has grip on all of these disciplines, the foundational concepts, tools, and terminology of each. Some popular digital design disciplines are:

UI design deals in establishing transparent human interactions with machine.

UX design is the process of improving a user’s experience with a digital product through careful observation, analysis, and evaluation of the user behavior. 

Graphic design is the conventional form of design that deals mostly in print but includes other disciplines as well including:

  • Layouts – Arranging elements including text and art work to create massive impact.

  • Editing – Enhancing images and manipulating them to add or remove details.

  • Color designs – Creating appealing color schemes that match human nature.

Typography – Properarrangement of fonts and written words to communicate ideas presentably.

Logo design is the process through which the brand is symbolized.

Illustration is a visually interpretative process of clarifying complex concepts.

Brand design encompasses a company’s core promise with colors, graphics, images, and typography – much like a thorough graphic design process.

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