Digital Marketing Transformation – A Mix of Strategy and Execution

Digital marketing transformation is the evolution of an industry that seeks to devise personalized campaigns for the companies to cope with the challenges ahead. It leverages the latest technologies and utilizes them in the good faith of the companies looking to increase their outreach through digital marketing channels. If we talk about digital marketing transformation, it can be defined from two perspectives.

One side of it suggests that the marketing departments attract the attention of customers or other businesses to sell their products or services by gaining a competitive advantage. The other side of the coin suggests that the marketing departments within enterprises seek to streamline their internal processes by breaking down barriers and adopting the latest technologies. In this article, we shall discuss the digital marketing transformation from a competitive advantage’s point of view.

Conventional Marketing to Digital Marketing

What’s similar between digital marketing industry and trading industry is that they both are ever-changing and it can be difficult to predict what’s coming next. Talking about the marketing industry, it wasn’t long ago when print media was utilized for the sector and other printed material used to be posted to the customers.

However, today, things work differently. Do you know why the conventional means of marketing were not that successful? Because the marketing activity and its results were not traceable and above all, it was highly expensive which is why the value for money was very less. The beauty of digital marketing is that its results can be traced at every step and activity. This is the reason why you have to be very careful about the segregation of the target audience.

Transformation of Digital Marketing

Since its inception, digital marketing has changed a lot because of a number of factors. Yes, the search engine algorithms have played a vital part in this transformation but it would be wrong to say that this transformation is solely because of this. The user behavior has also changed to a great extent contributing to the massive changes in the industry along with the advancements in the technology sector.

In the early years, digital marketing was more about email marketing. Social media picked up pace in the later stages but now, the latter has become a lot stronger. Today, digital marketing exists in different shapes allowing the digital marketers to explore multiple dimensions of promoting the business using their skills.

SEO is Changing

Like it or not, but the fact is that the biggest part of digital marketing i.e. search engine optimization (SEO) is changing because of the changes or developments we should say in the field of technology. With the evolution of voice technology, 2 out of every 5 searches are being made using voice search. According to statistics, more than 50% searches are expected to be made using voice search by 2020. On the other hand, due to the continuous evolution of devices, it is also expected that the searches made will be on phones that don’t have any screen. This has caused a massive impact on the SEO strategy and marketers are looking for ways to cater to this appalling and challenging situation. What makes it challenging is the fact that traffic to websites is expected to decrease significantly because they will be getting the answers on Google rather than going on your website. As a digital marketer, you have to figure out ways to cope with it as quickly as possible.

How to Survive in this Tough Environment

From the above discussion, it seems very difficult for digital marketers to make sure that they are in the competition and exploring ways that can change the fate of their business. With that being said, it is not impossible too. All you need at this stage is the help of a professional digital marketing agency like ITspresso. We have years of experience in the digital marketing field and know how to deal with the changing trends. Over the years, we have helped several businesses climb up the search engine rankings and grow their business. If you want to keep all this transformation of digital marketing away from you while still making it big through this technique, write us an email at [email protected] or Contact us through our contact us page. Our digital marketing gurus will love to help you out.

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