SAP vs Odoo vs Oracle: Which One to Choose for Your Enterprise?

When it comes to ERP software products, there are a number of choices for enterprises these days. In the early days, SAP used to rule the enterprise software market with its ERP software products but its days of glory were shortened due to the introduction of open source products in the market. Talking about open source products, OpenERP is a prime example that was launched in 2010, which went on to become Odoo. Similarly, Oracle is an American multinational computer technology corporation that sells cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products for a number of functions.

Today, business software is more than just about ERP because of the growing number of suites coming out on a regular basis. There are a number of cloud ERP software available that can manage all areas of business from manufacturing process to sales and even marketing. Moreover, warehouse and inventory management and finance management can also be performed.

Three of the most popular ERP software are the SAP, Odoo, and Oracle. But which one should you use for your enterprise? If you are looking to implement an ERP system in your organization, you have three great choices. In this blog, we will provide some comparison among these software packages to help you make the right decision. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Comparing the Functions

The first thing you should look for in ERP software is its functionality. What sets SAP apart is the fact that it is built to suit enterprise software. It means that it has to be customized as per each business system and process within the enterprise. Let’s discuss the features of each of the three ERP one by one to give you a better idea of which one to use.

SAP Business One

First, let’s discuss the features of SAP Business One.

Lesser Customizations with SAP Business One

SAP, as we all know, is a built to suit ERP software. It has to be customized as per each business systems and processes. SAP also offers a product for SMEs known as SAP Business One. This product is very easy and quick to deploy and does not require many customizations.

Backward Compatibility

One of the best features of SAP products is that they are backward compatible. There is no requirement of migration of codes or data each time a new version is released. Thus, users get peace of mind and don’t get baffled with new releases. This feature makes SAP stand out among other ERP software.

Cost Factor

As compared to other ERP software, SAP is not that cheaper. SAP Business One comes at a higher price and the price increases with the increase in the number of employees. This can be termed as the biggest drawbacks of SAP Business One and maybe the only setback in its demand.

Bugs Fixes

SAP has been around for quite some time now and over the years, the bugs have been fixed. Today, it has few or no bugs at all. At regular intervals, the developers remove the bugs to ensure smooth user experience.

Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning

Odoo ERP is another popular ERP software and one in our comparison as well. Let’s discuss its distinct functions:

All-Inclusive Suite

Just like SAP ERP, Odoo is also an all-inclusive suite of business applications having modules for almost every function of an organization. Odoo has over 2 million users out of which the majority is of small and medium-sized enterprises. There are a few big enterprises as well the names of which are out of context from this comparison and this information is just to let you know that this software is used a lot in the market. Other than that, there are 730 partners of it as well.

No Backward Compatibility

Unlike SAP Business One, Odoo is not backward compatible. In case a new version is released, the whole code and data have to be migrated. This can be quite a hassle because the releases may come out often at times as well.

Fewer Bugs

Although Odoo is a mature software, there can be a few bugs as well that you may encounter. The developers started resolving the bugs after its 8th release which is why it may require some fine-tuning after implementation within the enterprise.

Reasonable Cost

As compared to SAP Business One, Odoo comes at a reasonable price. Even though you have to pay for services per user-based, it is not as expensive as SAP. For instance, for 50 users, SAP Business One would roughly cost you around USD 280,000 for 5 years while for the same arrangements, Odoo would cost you around USD 75,000.


Last we have Oracle. Let’s discuss its distinctive features to find out if it’s worth considering for your organization:

Database Management System

Oracle RDBMS is more of a database management system based on the multi-model scheme. Produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation, Oracle RDBMS can be used for various tasks like performing data warehousing, online transactions, and others. Oracle database specializes in dealing with huge databases and massive application workloads.

Easy to Use

While using Oracle, some may think that it is very complicated to use. However, the design of Oracle RDBMS is made in a way that can handle the complexities very well. The good thing about this software is that it is available for different operating system platforms with the same documentation and the same code base. No matter which operating system platform is being used in your enterprise, this software can be easily integrated into it without any complications.


Oracle has many technologies to offer including Oracle RAC and Data Guard that can scale the database vertically and horizontally. Moreover, there are a number of tools, utilities, and abilities that come along with the server.

Reasonable Costs

The implementation cost of Oracle is lower as compared to both Odoo and SAP ERP. No matter what OS you are using, this ERP and database management software can be implemented across the organization without altering your budget.

Bug Fixes

Because of its global demand and usage, Oracle does not have many bugs. The developers have worked progressively to make sure that the software stands out as the best in the market and offer great value for the money to the businessmen.

Limited Functionality

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution, Oracle might not be the perfect fit for you. However, if you want database management software, you will never find any better than Oracle.


Keeping in view the above pointers, we come to a conclusion that SAP Business One is the most comprehensive ERP software available in the market. If cost is not a concern for you, this is the perfect choice you should look for. In case you want a similar software at a reduced cost and you are fine to do some modifications or customizations, Odoo can offer the best value for your money. For businessmen looking for huge database management software, Oracle RDBMS is the most perfect software you can find. These are just our views and you may experience something different based on your business requirements. Each software holds a different significance and by no means, is superior to the other but based on their functionality, some may have a slight edge over others in some areas.

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