The Growing Demand of Real-Time Features in Mobile App Development

Not long ago, there was a time when people used to communicate via text messages or SMS. There were no delivery reports, no typing statuses, and no signs if the other person has read your message. This type of inconvenient conversation was soon replaced by WhatsApp that offered real-time messaging and it was completely free.

This usability of real-time features and technologies add value to the user experience and directly contribute to the revenue. We will eloquently discuss the most common uses of real-time features for web and mobile applications and how such features change the way businesses interact with their customers.

Importance of Real-Time Communication for Businesses

The history of real-time interaction is as old as the stock market went online and helped traders close trades quickly along with update the charts. For the support of the traders, the real-time feed was developed and information about stocks and trades was updated.

Inspired by this industry, other sectors started embracing the real-time technology and today, we can see this technology in a lot of apps that we use on a daily basis including Uber, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

In the business world, customers have become smart and demanding at the same time. They want the best solutions and want them real quick. Be its answer to their queries or solution to a problem, they don’t like waiting a lot and rightly so. The fact that the customers are in the driver’s seat these days give them all the liberty to act bossy and demand such things. Real-time communication enables businesses to answer all the customer queries quickly to make sure that they don’t switch to other businesses.

Conventional means of communication like email or text messages are a thing of the past now and they are not used to the same extent they once were. Instant messaging has become the sole and comprehensive way of communicating with others. It is one of the most advanced ways of communication that has bridged the gap between businesses and customers to a great extent. If your business operates in a very dynamic and challenging environment, this type of a feature in your business app can enable the customers to get quick answers to their queries at any time they want.

Types of Businesses that can Leverage Real-Time Communication

Almost all types of businesses offering services can and should use real-time communication as a tool to interact with their customers. Digital real estate portals, healthcare service providers, e-commerce stores, customer service centers, and others are some of the business types where the utilization of this technology can do wonders.

Real-Time Communication and Mobile App Development

Considering the growing demand and usability of real-time communication in the business world, mobile app developers and mobile app development companies have put deep focus in finding ways to incorporate this technology in the mobile applications. Not all applications need this feature because of the nature of the business or the industry they belong to. However, professionals can help you determine if your business needs this type of service.

Most of the times, businesses incorporate this feature in their apps and hire a service staff to look after the chats. It is essential to identify the audience and its needs. There are more than 80% chances that the need can be fulfilled with push notifications.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are also a great feature to have in a mobile app to keep the users updated about important events, remind them of service, and get them back on board.

As per statistics, 21% users abandon an app after using it for one week. Through push notifications, they can be reminded about the existence of a business. These notifications may also include some offers that the users may not be able to resist. This strategy is religiously followed by Uber and other companies and this is the reason why their customer base is so strong.

The trick here is to use this feature wisely and set a frequency for the notifications. Too many and too less are of no use. You may also consult a professional mobile app development company to assist you in this matter.
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