Web Design vs. Graphic Design – Differences Explained

A lot of people are of the view that web design and graphic design are the same things. It is nothing but a misconception. In order to help you know better the differences between the two, here we will compare both of them. We hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to know what web design and graphic design actually are and how they are different.

Web Design

Web Design is a kind of graphics creation that includes creating various types of designs including typography, illustrations, and pictures. It is the same as Graphic Design but it is performed on the World Wide Web. The person creating a web design is known as a web designer and they have to face a lot of restrictions on what they do. The websites need to have smooth functionality to keep the bounce rate at the lowest possible level and the design should be easy to understand and navigate for the users to keep them engaged. This is the reason why web designers have to work with a very limited number of options relating to screen resolution, document measure, and execution.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a wider term that includes creating illustrations, pictures, and typography that can be used to demonstrate a thought or an idea. This technique is mostly used in the print business and even in the digital media. Visual designers, also known as the graphic designers, design computerized illustrations that are then transformed into publications, handouts, and other marketing materials that they were originally intended for. The graphic designers are not involved in any sort of programming. They just make designs that can be used for print work or other web publications.

What’s the Difference?

By understanding one simple point, the difference between graphic design and web design can be easily understood. The main difference between the two is the medium. The people working in the graphic design field get plenty of opportunities to explore and utilize their creativity because they are not bound or restricted in any way unless there are some certain requirements by the higher authority. On the other hand, web design comes with some certain limitations related to programming, determination, and speed of the website.

Moreover, the web design experts have to create designs keeping the overall theme of the website and business in mind to ensure that it reflects the business ideology. There are some people who are experts in both types of designs but they are quite rare. However, the value such people add to an organization is quite handy and help companies save costs from hiring an additional person for more or less the same kind of work.

In both types of designs, there can be some clashes. For example, a graphic designer may feel that a design created by a web designer does not have the quality suitable for print work. Similarly, a web designer may feel that the design created by a graphic designer does not comply with the standards of a website. Such cases are quite normal in the design world but if you hire a single designer or a digital design agency, these conflicts can be avoided and better services can be gained at a less cost.

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